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  • John Mills

A Reminder of OFT Powers

The Office of Fair Trading have issued the following statement reminding motor dealers of their inspection powers -

The OFT exists to help ensure a fair and equitable Queensland marketplace. To do this, OFT Inspectors have entry, search and seizure powers. This is so we can ensure suspect trader behaviour is properly investigated and businesses operate legally.

Our Inspectors can enter a place if:

  • it’s a public place

  • the owner’s gives permission

  • a court issues a warrant.

Once inside, our Inspectors can:

  • search the premises

  • seize possessions

  • take copies of documents

  • take other people or equipment into the area.

You must follow any lawful direction given by one of our Inspectors. If requested, you must give them:

  • your name and address

  • any information regarding your work

  • copies of any documents they ask for.

Our Inspectors will always show identification with their photograph and signature. Inspectors also have powers to issue ‘compulsory notices’ requiring documents be produced. Depending on what and who we are investigating, we might use compulsory notice powers under different Acts. Significant fines and imprisonment (in serious cases) can result if you fail to comply. Providing false information or lying to an inspector are also serious offences carrying significant penalties.


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