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car dealer license Qld course & accedita

Motor Salesperson Registration Certificate


Motor Salesperson Registration Certificate


In Queensland all Motor Industry salespersons who deal with used cars (including as trades for new cars) are required to hold a license which is issued by the Office of Fair Trading.  
This registration certificate allows you to do any of the following activities that the motor dealer who employs you is allowed to do:

  • work as a motor industry salesperson in Queensland.

  • obtain used motor vehicles, primarily for resale

  • sell used vehicles and sell on consignment as an agent for others

  • sell a leased vehicle to a lessee under the lease´ terms

  • obtain used motor vehicles, in parts or whole, to sell as complete units or parts

  • negotiate under a consultancy arrangement on behalf of a person for the sale or purchase of a used motor vehicle

We provide you with all the necessary training and accreditation

that will allow you to apply for your

Motor Salesperson Registration Certificate

Automotive Training Queensland nor the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that issues the Statement of Attainment accept no responsibility for unsuccessful motor vehicle licence applications with the Office of Fair Trading Queensland.  Please ensure that you are eligible for a licence by reference to eligibility criteria for a Motor Salesperson Registration Certificate on the Office of Fair Trading website at


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