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Automotive Training Queensland

Motor Dealer Licence - Queensland

In Queensland all Motor Dealers are required to hold a licence which is issued by the Office of Fair Trading.   A Motor Dealer licence allows you to -


  • obtain used vehicles for resale

  • sell used motor vehicles

  • sell used motor vehicles on consignment

  • sell a leased motor vehicle to the lessee under the terms of the lease

  • obtain used motor vehicles, in parts or whole, to sell as complete units or parts

  • sell used motor vehicles as parts

  • negotiate on a person's behalf for the sale or purchase of a used motor vehicle


We urge prospective trainees to read the information about the Motor Dealer licence requirements on the Office of Fair Trading website at http://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/motor-dealer-licence.htm or contact us direct for information regarding eligibility.


We provide you with all the necessary training and accreditation that will allow you to apply for your licence.  This will include evidence that you have successfully completed or been assessed as competent in nine units.  These form the basis of the units of competency for a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment in - AUR 31016 Certificate III in Automotive Sales (Vehicles).   This includes the following units of competency -



Follow Safe Working Practices in an automotive workplace

This unit incorporates the Worksafe Australia Guidelines and encompasses competencies necessary to apply basic safety and emergency procedures to maintain a safe workplace for staff, customers and others.

Respond to Customer needs and enquiries in an automotive workplace

This unit covers the competence to develop and maintain communication with customers.

Sell automotive products and services
Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace

This unit covers the competencies required to make best use of time available, use specific sales techniques and follow procedures for product delivery and customer follow up.

This unit covers the competence to communicate in the workplace by oral, written and electronic means.

Apply Sales Procedures in an automotive workplace

This unit covers the competencies required to use sales techniques and encompasses key selling skills from approaching customer to closing the sale.  It requires a basic level of product knowledge.

Comply with legal requirements when selling automotive products and services

This unit covers the competence required to assess, interpret and apply legal requirements relating to the sale of products.

Appraise and purchase used motor vehicles  to supplement stock for sale
Determine Used Motor Vehicle Stock Requirements

This unit identifies the competencies required to inspect and appraise used motor vehicles against perceived needs and pricing guides in preparation to purchase used motor vehicles.  It also identifies the competence required to negotiate and purchase used motor vehicle stock.

This unit covers the competence required to research enterprise records and persons to decide the preferred used vehicle stock to purchase.

Manage complex customer issues in an automotive workplace

This unit covers the competence required to examine the cause of a complaint and act within limits of authority to resolve the complaint and document the issue and the outcome.

In addition you will receive a comprehensive Dealer Resources Handbook that includes a variety of practical information and examples.  These examples include sale contracts, police book logbooks, complaint resolution records, Dealer Plate logbooks, and how to process acquisitions and sales documentation through Qld Transport Department. Our training is focussed on the practical application of the current legislation covering vehicle transactions.  The handbook with real-world examples will prove invaluable to you as you establish yourself as a Motor Dealer in Queensland.
We don't just leave it there - if you have questions in the future - we're happy to answer these for you. 


Automotive Training Queensland nor the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that issues the Statement of Attainment accepts no responsibility for unsuccessful motor vehicle licence applications with the Office of Fair Trading Queensland.  Please ensure that you are eligible for a licence by reference to eligibility criteria for a Motor Dealer licence on the Office of Fair Trading website at http://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/motor-dealer-licence.htm