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car dealer license Qld course & accredit

Frequently Asked Questions 


What does it cost to get a licence?

In Queensland prior to applying for a Motor Dealer licence or a Sales Registration Certificate you are required to  gain accreditation in either nine or five units/subjects.  Once you have successfully completed your training and assessment you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).


Why choose Automotive Training Queensland over on-line or correspondence courses?

You will receive one on one individualised training.  Your trainer has over 20 years of practical motor industry experience in Queensland at the coal face in dealerships. 


For students with previous experience your trainer will be able to assess any Prior Learning you have and possibly fast-track your training.   


Depending upon Prior Learning - most 5 unit course training is completed in less than one day and most 9 unit course training is completed within two days.


You will have access to on-going support as you establish yourself in the motor industry.


What is RPL? (Recognition of Prior Learning)


Have experience in other work areas?  We are eager to recognise your prior knowledge and skills which may relate to a unit of competence/s and or qualification.​  


I'm only selling a few cars each year as a hobby. Do I need a Motor Dealers Licence?


In Queensland you are not permitted to acquire motor vehicles for resale without a Motor Dealer licence issued by the QueenslandOffice of Fair Trading.  There are severe penalties for breaking the law and operating unlicenced in the motor industry.  Read more






How long will it take to get accreditation?

The time for training and accredtation often depends on your previous experience and whether or not you have any RPL.  

  • a Motor Sales Registration Certificate generally requires  six to eight contact hours;

  • a Motor Dealer Licence generally requires eight to fifteen contact hours; and

  • a Motor Dealer Licence upgrade from a Motor Sales Registration Certificate generally takes four to six hours of contact time.

After this contact time there may be some assessment to complete.  Your assessor willthen complete their accreditation assessment and lodge this with an Australian Standards Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  This process may take up to 14 days. 


Automotive Training Queensland is committed to ensuring that your training experience with us will lead you to completing all of the unit competency requirements to a satisfactory level.


What happens if I am dealing in or selling cars without a licence?

There are severe penaties for breaking the law and operating unlicenced in the motor industry in Queensland.  Read More

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have

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